The Platform for Gender Equality (PGE) has elected its new leadership. The new president is Catinca Mardorovici, president of Women’s Political Club 50/50. In recent years, Women’s Political Club 50/50 has been developing women’s political clubs in Telenesti, Straseni, Cimislia, Cahul and Briceni, contributing to political empowerment of more than 600 women. The new Vice-President is Valentina Bodrug-Lungu, president of the Association Gender Center. This organization actively contributes to promoting gender equality through research, analysis and training. Nina Lozinschi has been re-elected as the general secretary of the Platform. She worked in that capacity Platform’s foundation in July 2015.

Currently, PGE is formed of 28 members both individuals and legal entities. East-European Foundation is an observer member. The Platform for Gender Equality has played a key role in promoting reforms in the field of gender equality, including the adoption of gender quotas of 40%, introducing paid paternity leave for 14 days, defining sexism and regulating the production of commercials to avoid sexist languages and images.

Platform for Gender Equality was established in 2015 in partnership with the Resource Centre “Young and Free” within the project “Women in Politics”, implemented by East-European Foundation, Partnership Centre for Development, UN Women Moldova, UNDP Moldova, and supported financially by the Swedish government.


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