Volunteering gives you a chance to give and receive experience in various fields, but mostly helps you look at the world more widely. Volunteering means desire, the desire to do something, to contribute somehow, to do a good deed, to change things, to get to a better life! To me, gender equality means equal opportunities for men and women. Once we have equal opportunities in social, economic, political, etc., each of us, male or female, can make the choice we want, without being judged by society


Cristiana Sîtnic

I decided to join the Platform for Gender Equality because its agenda reminded me of the reasons why I left Moldova. Beyond issues like corruption and poverty (which are actually aspects of the same trend), it seemed to me that such a society – fundamentalist, closed and confused, would discourage me too much to succeed. Ten years later, I still stand by my decision. But in the meantime, I learned more and I thought that it was time for me to contribute


Ana Gurău

Gender equality is a right, whereby everyone is free to develop their own skills and express their options, without being influenced by the sex they belong to. The different aspirations and needs of men and women should receive equal promotion.

Unfortunately, women are still considered inferior to men. In many countries they are discriminated against, being victims of violence, torture and injustice. Because of stereotypes, we have labels prescribing what is for women and what is for men.

I believe that every person, man or woman, is capable of defining their own roles within the family, in politics, in society, and that gender discrimination is a violation of human rights.


Nata Scobioală
JOurnalist / CurajTV

The future cabinet of ministers should be composed of as many women as possible. At least for the reason that in countries led by women, corruption is less spread or almost missing.


Antonița Fonari

It bothers me that in the rare TV appearances, women are asked only about children, social issues, and in the best case – about health. Do they not also know stuff about sociology, political science and geopolitics? Politics is feminine and must be mandatorily made also by women!


Olga Nicolenco
Expert / Gender

The fight for democracy and European integration includes the indicator which is called balanced participation of women in decision-making processes.


Catinca Mardarovici
President / Women's Political Club 50/50

Gender equality means freedom, respect and appreciation of each individual and collectively, regardless of their gender identity.


Victoria Apostol
Founder / Group of Feminist Initiatives in Moldova

Following elections in 2015, the first conclusion is that women elected as mayors proved to be the better candidates, through their experience, through things they already achieved, thereby determining their success.


Andrei Brighidin
Director for Development / East Europe Foundation

Many say that there are no impediments for women to be actively involved in politics and business, but equal opportunities does not immediately lead to equal treatment.

Alexei Buzu
Managing Director / National Center for Research and Information on Women's Issues "Partnership for Development”

Indeed, for many Moldovan women a place at the discussion table remains a wish. Because of mentality, they still need to be invited there (society discourages them from self-invites), let alone at the top level, where they themselves must build the table alias panel discussion. We need to acknowledge that we can not bring the change we want without the genuine participation of women and the contribution of all (both women and men) in realising the visions and dreams of women, and transforming these visions into concrete action, with impact.


Cornelia Călin
Financial Analyst / Promo-LEX

Women represent around 52% of the population and their representation in parliament is only 20%, while the government has five women ministers. This issue must be addressed first and foremost at the legislative level. Promoting women in politics would lead to an increase in the nominal income of the country, reduce violence against women and break gender stereotypes


Nina Lozinschi
Secretary General / Platform for Gender Equality

There is still the stereotype that a woman can not lead an institution, but also a number of structural barriers that limit women’s participation in public life. We have men and women of quality. We must treat everyone from the perspective of quality and not of gender. Women should not forget that they have the same opportunities to assert themselves as men. Gender equality is one of the chapters to which Moldova remains ated and politicians must understand that this is one of the key conditions for sustainable development.


Valentina Bodrug-Lungu