In February 2020, the Government of the Republic of Moldova will present the Sixth Periodic CEDAW Report of Moldova (CEDAW/C/MDA/6) at the 75th CEDAW Session. The Platform for Gender Equality from Moldova elaborated the current Alternative Report on CEDAW implementation in the Republic of Moldova.

The Report is focused on implementation of some CEDAW provisions, structured by the following components: National Machinery for the Advancement of Women; Equality in Women’s Public and Political Participation; Temporary Special Measures.

The progress and challenges in ensuring gender equality are reflected here. Thus, during the reporting period, with the active contribution of the Platform and other CSOs, many legal measures dedicated to improving the structure and functionality of national machinery of women’s rights/gender equality promotion were approved. These measures included prohibition of sexist language and sexist advertising and introduction of 40% gender quota in the electoral and decision making processes. The adoption of a National Program on Resolution 1325 and the implementation of the Action Plan contributed to increasing women’s participation in the security sector.  The implementation of the training programs with the support of development partners contributed to increasing women’s political participation. Dialogue  between public authorities and CSOs active in the gender equality field was established, but with different levels of efficiency.

Despite the progress made, many challenges and problems should be mentioned such as: low level of implementing legal provisions of national machinery on gender equality, lack of functionality and sustainability of the national machinery’s activities, including the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, ignorance of gender quota at Government level, political inconsistency in gender quota implementation, insufficient awareness of gender equality issues of civil servants and public authorities, lack of sustainability in implementing gender policies at national and local levels, misunderstanding of the essence of gender equality etc.

The provided recommendations addressed to the Government of the Republic of Moldova are structured according to the mentioned components with a focus on: strengthening functionality and sustainability of national mechanism on gender equality and women’s advancement, on women’s equal opportunities to participate in the public and political spheres, and on prevention and elimination of sexism and violence against women in elections, in order to ensure efficient implementation of legal provisions, including instruments for protecting women’s human rights and ensuring “de facto” gender equality.

The full document HERE

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