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Platform Gender Equality launched

Over 10 non-governmental organizations and civic activists constituted a platform, designed to consolidate efforts of all actors campaigning for gender equality. Among the objectives of the Platform for Gender Equality, presented on 14 July 2015, there are included the proposals for the government program in the field of gender equality for 2014-2018 and set out in the Agenda for Gender Equality.

Ms Victoria Apostol, from the Resource Centre for Human Rights (CReDO), said at a press conference that the Platform aims to promote balanced participation and representation of women, but also contribute to preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. Similarly, another objective is to promote an environment conducive to ensuring gender equality in the labor market, promoting female entrepreneurship, and to promote an adequate institutional framework for ensuring gender equality.

Ms Apostol also said that, taking into account the commitments of the country, the priority of the Platform for 2015 is the adoption and implementation of the law on gender quotas drafted in the previous year, through lobbying and advocacy, awareness raising activities, and public meetings with parliamentary committees and ministries.

The Secretary of the Platform, Ms Nina Lozinschi, said that by October the members intend to conduct meetings with the President and Vice-President of Parliament and President of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Ethnic Relations, so as to discuss the final draft of the gender quota law. Consultations with the Standing Committee and the parliamentary factions on the two gender quota draft laws are also planned.

Similarly, public debates on human rights in the European Union, focusing on the topic of equal opportunities for women and men, will be carried out. In addition, the Platform will request from the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family a report on how the Association Agreement EU-Moldova is implemented in relation to gender equality.

Mr Andrei Brighidin, from East Europe Foundation, said that the current situation with regard to gender equality in politics and the electoral process is caused by inaction toward Moldova’s obligations, including the ratification of international instruments and adoption of relevant policy documents at national level. “Given that obligations and commitments are failing, we the representatives of civil society can only coalesce our efforts to promote this principle”, said Mr Brighidin.

The members of the Platform include the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Moldova (AFAM), NGO Promo-LEX, NGO Gender Centru, CreDO, Women’s Political Club 50/50, Ms Antoniţa Fonari – Vice-President of the National Participation Council, Ms Olga Nicolenco – gender trainer.