Ostrava, Czech Republic, 13–15 June 2017

The ministerial conferences of the European Environment and Health Process provide a unique intersectoral policy platform bringing together relevant sectors and partners to shape policies and actions on environment and health, support the implementation of effective evidence-based policies and advance actions on environment, health and well-being in the WHO European Region.

Almost one and a half million deaths per year in the WHO European Region are caused by environmental risks that could be avoided and/or eliminated. There is therefore urgent need to continue and strengthen efforts addressing the leading environmental determinants of ill health. These include:

gender-wastezero-waste-periodsAir pollution;

Inadequate water and sanitation services;

Hazardous chemicals;

Waste and contaminated sites;

Climate change.

Addressing old and new challenges.

The budgetary constraints of Member States, socioeconomic and gender inequalities, extreme climate events, increases in noncommunicable diseases, ageing of the population and an unprecedented level of migration between and within countries in the Region exacerbate those challenges. The complex relationships between environmental, biological, demographic, economic, social and other factors call for improving the resilience of communities to the physical, natural and social pressures of the 21st century.


At the Conference, Member States will adopt a declaration, which will include an action plan for its implementation and agreement on revised institutional arrangements for the European Environment and Health Process after 2017.

Sources: www.euro.who.int


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