Moldova Against All Discrimination is a project carried out by ERIM, GENDERDOC-M and Gender Center (the host organization of the Secretariat for the Gender Equality Platform) with the financial support of the European Union. The project is aimed at fighting discrimination against women/the LGBT community and promoting gender equality in the Republic of Moldova through two main components which are 1) building capacity of women/LGBT organisations and activists and 2) increasing public awareness on gender equality issues.

Working as an activist in the Republic of Moldova, as in many other parts of the world, is difficult due to a heavy workload and intense pressure from the government and society in general. This can often lead to people experiencing burnout. Our support is designed to help activists build their resilience and to improve their work environment in order to continue fighting for human rights.


To combat this, the Gender Equality Platform will provide 10 small grants of up to 700 EUR for activists or NGOs working for women’s rights or LGBTQI+ rights. Subsidies are offered for activities such as psychological assistance, social assistance, recovery / relaxation activities, legal counseling, anti-burnout mentoring, counseling or workshops for all staff members, other activities needed to continue the activity in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The activities will depend on the needs of the applicants.

If we have more requests, we will organize a training program on how to prevent/ diminish burnout.

Application deadline: Applications can be submitted until April 15, 2021, 6:00 pm.

Who can participate in the support program:

Individuals or organizations are eligible to apply alone or in partnership with others. Applications based on the following criteria will be selected:

  • work as an activist or for an NGO over the last year;
  • there is a clear risk of burnout to the individual or employees/volunteers at the organization;
  • there is a clear link between their poor mental health and their work;
  • sustainability or long-term effects of the activity on their mental health

The activities can run for any length of time but must be finished by October 30, 2021. Applications from political or religious organizations will not be considered.

To participate in the contest, please complete the attached form and send it to the e-mail address: secretariat.platformadegen@gmail.com

For additional information: 069215456, contact person Nina Lozinschi, General Secretary of the Gender Equality Platform.

The project team will ensure maximum safe communication with the participants.

Application Form

Name, Surname  
Contacts E-mail:



The person who can provide recommendation Name, Surname:


Work place  
How many years have you been working in the field of defense of women’s and girls’ or LGBTQI+ rights?  
Information about the organization / initiative group/ personal activities – the purpose, activities, achievements, difficulties


Your job title and responsibilities at the organisation  
What kind of difficulties or stressful situations have you been facing in your activity lately?


Do you have weekends, holidays when you do not work?    
Do you feel affected by the professional burnout, are there threats, phobias, stress when dealing with the activities of the organization/personal activity?  
What kind of support do you need?

Describe the type of help you need.

What are your expectations for participating in the training on professional burnout?

How will it improve your ability to continue your work afterwards?

Expected support amount (indicate detailed budget)


Total amount: … € Transportation expenses …… Counseling expenses lawyer / psychologist / doctor / …..Other expenses………
How did you find out about the program?




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