On 16 November 2016 the website www.sputnik.md published an article entitled “Find out Maia Sandu’s drawbacks as a woman” (the article can be found here ), written by journalist Sergiu Praporşic. Both the title and content of the article is sexist and discriminatory against women, through the use of stereotypes and prejudices that contribute to spreading an image of inferiority. In this regard, a public appeal was sent to the Broadcasting Coordinating Council, the Moldovan Press Council, and the Association of Independent Press.

We recall that Moldova’s legislation, through law no. 71 of 04/14/2016, prohibits the discriminatory and sexist use of language, as well as expressions and appeals that present women or men in a humiliating fashion, thereby offending their dignity. Article 8 expressly provides that: “The media will contribute to the promotion of equality between women and men within society, by developing programs and materials with an impact on changing social and cultural patterns of behavior of both men and women, so as to eliminate prejudices, habits and other practices based on the idea of inferiority or superiority of either of the sexes or on stereotyped roles of women and men”.

The full text in Romanian can be found here.

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