Today, members of the Platform for Gender Equality handed out to MPs information packages on the need for legislative changes in the sphere of gender equality. The public action was held at the two entrances in the parliament building just before the plenary, transmits IPN.

Secretary General of the NGO Council, Ms Antoniţa Fonari said that the project comprising the set of legislative changes in gender equality was submitted by the Government for examination to the Standing Committee of the Parliament in May 2014 and was voted only on first reading on 17 July 2014. The activist also mentioned that ensuring gender equality is a commitment of Moldova in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2016-2030, and the UN Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination. “Not having an equal number of women in Parliament, Government and other public agencies at central and local level, is a form of discrimination,” said the activist.


Ms Ecaterina Mardarovici, Executive Director of the Women’s Political Club 50/50, and member of the Platform for Gender Equality, said that ensuring gender equality is a precondition for the sustainable development of society. Women constitute over 50% of Moldova’s population and are entitled to be present fairly in all levels of government. In her view, respecting this right depends on the MPs. Ms Mardarovici said that, given that 60% of university graduates from Moldova are women, this valuable intellectual capital is not yet explored to its fullest extent, which stalls the process of democratization and reform.

Speaker Andrian Candu came before representatives of civil society and said that the decision to promote women in important positions rests with each party separately, but in this sense they need clear legal provisions that would require parties to promote women in such functions. As to the approval of the legislative project in final reading, Candu denied that there would be resistance from colleagues in Parliament, and that this would happen soon.


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