NORLAM is arranging an International Conference entitled: “Women and Juveniles in Prison – Past, Present … and Future?”

The Conference will start with the documentary-theatre Shakespeare for Ana on the 15 March, at 17:00, in the National Theatre “Mihai Eminescu”, and will continue on the 16 March in the “Summit Events” Centre.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of the public opinion and justice sector professionals about the impact of imprisonment on women and juveniles.

Speakers from Norway, Romania and Moldova will address issues about the treatment of women and men in detention. The following reports will be lauched:

–          Anthropological Study: Domestic Violence and Women from Rusca Prison: Past, Present and Future

–          Report: Functional Assessment and Analysis of the Working Processes in the Prison nr. 7 – Rusca

–          Anthropological Study: Taboos and rites of passage existing in Goian Prison for Juveniles.

The Minister of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, Presidents of Courts, judges, police officers, prosecutors, lawyers, probation counsellors, prison employees, representatives of the civil society and donor community will participate in the Conference.


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